The Covid pandemic has presented many challenges to our work and personal lives and we sincerely hope that our customers and strategic partners are safe and have been able to minimise the effects on their businesses and we will soon start to see the recovery. At Saco we have faced this challenge with a proactive mindset and approach to make the best of a unprecedented situation, our first priority has been the safety of our employees. In April 2020 we quickly acted to prepare new screening where close proximity work is undertaken and new procedures for cleaning, workwear and safe working practices. Extra cleaning regimes were implemented and changes to shift working patterns applied where needed. Our focus was to keep everyone safe but at the same time ensure that we continued to deliver and support our customers.

April, May and June 2020 order activity was much reduced whilst customers took stock of the situation and made their own plans, however through July 2020 a surprising and most pleasing increase of business returned whilst we are still though much reduced from 2019 levels.

We have been working very hard to satisfy all our customer orders and ensure that we continue to improve our operations under the new challenging conditions. We are very fortunate to have a good supplier base with strong partners to help navigate through these challenging times and we also have a strong stock position of raw aluminium (and other key supplies) which has always been a Saco strategy and is serving us and our customers well at this time. We also continue to invest to support strategic growth at our site in Burnley, Lancashire as whilst we know these are uncertain times we are very committed to our long terms growth plans with our strategic partners.

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