Specialist Anodising Company Ltd.

SACO, founded in 1985, is a leading designer and manufacturer of aluminium caps and shrouds for the cosmetic industry. It offers component design, in-house tooling, pressing, assembly and a unique anodising service, which guarantees the highest quality to the customer, as it is a one-company process from design to delivery.

New Hall Works, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 1NY
Tel: +44 (0)1282 412500
Fax: +44 (0)1282 422804
5 Rue de le Felicite, 75017, Paris, France
Tel: +33 9 86 26 03 21

Market challenges

- Mar 2019

Despite the challenges faced by UK manufacturers in the last few years SACO are proud to still be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cosmetic components and whilst doing this still maintaining excellent growth and doing all we can to remain competitive and offer our outstanding service.
The UK, Europe and the worlds next challenge for 2019 is Britain’s planned exit from the European Union. Saco ‘s wish is to continue its strong partnership with its entire customer base within Europe and to support this and mitigate as much as possible the impact of possible change we have taken the following actions detailed below.
We remain hopeful that our politicians and governments will make a ‘good’ job with win/win outcomes for all concerned however we remain cautious so that in any event we minimise the impact on our supply chain to you.
• A significant increase has been agreed with our raw Aluminium coil suppliers who are based in the Euro zone. This will ensure that Saco has reserved capacity and further strengthens its stock position with which to support existing and expected growth in 2019 and 2020.
• Investment has been made of €2.5 million in a new warehouse factory; this strategy has been implemented to support the growth and synergy within our group and now supports the additional stock plan actioned. We have also purchased a further 12 transfer presses in 2018 to add capacity and flexibility.
• Additional warehouse and logistic staff have been employed to support the additional stock management and undertake addition paperwork as becomes necessary.
• We are keeping close to new information with regard to what might be the changes to customs and excise procedures so that we can move quickly and efficiently to any new way of working.
• We have requested customer forecast for 2019, many customers are already doing this at a component level detail for a 12 months period, and this allows Saco to discuss raw stock agreements as well as any plastic component stock which may also support shorter lead-times of manufacture to mitigate the potential of longer shipping times.